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1. axoniaSog wrote at 21.12.2013 - 13:45 hours
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2. Tina Sandra Elingsgaard wrote at 11.09.2007 - 23:18 hours
Hi.. I'm Tina, sister to Torben Ellingsgaard.
Just passed by your side while doing research on the internet. Though I was told about the page long time ago I never visited. Nice work!
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3. Bpfzwpzp wrote at 13.07.2007 - 10:57 hours
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4. Dorhall Ellingsgaard wrote at 02.02.2005 - 19:10 hours
I am interested to know if we are related in any way..
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5. M Keaveny wrote at 02.02.2005 - 18:39 hours
The link to the Ellingsgard Family History has been moved and updated. The e-mail address also has been changed. Please take a moment to visit.
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6. Thormann Kruse wrote at 14.09.2004 - 03:37 hours
Beeing a desendant of Knud Olsen Ellingsgaard, born 26. oct. 1822 in Eiši. Knud was the number 4 child of Ole Knudsen 7 children. Hans Peter Olsen (his Brother) was just a name in my database until I found your information.
It is common knowledge here that Knud Olsen b. 1744 in Norway came to the Faroe to give traning in agraculture (Ploving with horses). When his contract expired he did not go back to Norway, but settled at Eide at a small farm. He marrid Elisabeth Olesdatter whos ancestry can be traced 3 generations back.
My ggm Johanne Elisabeth Ellingsgaard was the 4th og 7 children. b. 1858 d. 1939. They had only two children: Samal Marius Petur Samuelsen and Anne Sophie Samuelsen. Her husband died of tuberculoses only 27 years old. My grandfather dies in 1979, 96 years old.
There are abt. 400 people in the Faroe today that are desendent from Knud Olsen.
Ellingsgaard is (or was) a farm in Norway (some of my relatives have visitit the place).

My hobby homepage is not about ancestry, but horses, but the picturer can give you some information on Faroe and Eiši.
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7. M Keaveny wrote at 14.08.2004 - 13:36 hours
I have the more detailed page on my computer ready to upload. One prob: I forgot HOW to upload these files. I have the upload program and I've done it before.....I just don't remember "how". I'm waiting for someone to have the time to come over and "refresh" my memory. Sorry. Will let you know when things are updated.
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8. cousin ruthie wrote at 12.08.2004 - 03:35 hours
hey....where is the Ellingsgaard page? When will it be up?

Great site. Thanks for the links.
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9. Claudia King wrote at 29.06.2004 - 16:53 hours
Maureen, you sure have done a great deal of work. Thank you so much for all the research you did on Mom's (Jane Ellingsgard) family.

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10. M Keaveny wrote at 27.06.2004 - 20:32 hours
Oh Boy, are bells going off. If you could get a copy of that flyer, could you please pass a copy on to me. If all this connects right, the John Ellingsgard that you refer to is my grand uncle John Henry Jr. He was the oldest, my grandfather Charles Edward was the middle child and then the baby was Jane Elizabeth. They were the children of John Henry Sr and Margaret Daly. John Heenry Sr was the second child (after Elisabeth Margrethe) born to Hans Petur Olsen Ellingsgaard born Jul 9 1826 and Ellen Maria Joensdatter Nolsoe born 1831. Their two other children were Oluffa and Anna.

The John Ellingsgard you refer to was part originator (organizer) of the Broad Channel Boat Club in Broad Channel on CrossBay Blvd (Woodhaven Blvd) in Queens, NY
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